The Feminine Actif

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About Feminine Actif

Welcome to all of the feminists, both women and men!  Here we choose to call ourselves FeminActifs meaning that we are the active part of being feminine.  Being a FeminActif means learning what women’s rights are all about.  It is not about being pro or anti anything.  It is about being active in making sure that women enjoy the very same rights and equal treatment as men.  It is about understanding that, while there are distinct differences between women and men, fair and equal treatment is a human right not a gender right.  It is understanding that no one group, race, nationality, religion, or gender has the right to make decisions for another and certainly has no right to impose its will on another.

We are FeminActifs!  And we join in solidarity with our sisters and brothers worldwide to ensure that all people enjoy human rights as humans.

Women's rights


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