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Pro-Life? No, It’s Anti-Life!

If there was any doubt that the right wing conservatives are continuing the oppression of women and perpetuating the war on women, then the past month should be proof that removes those doubts.  First, let’s break down just a small part of the battles.

Last Tuesday, the Texas Senate was to vote on an anti-abortion bill that would be the most restrictive in the nation according to all sources.  Through a valiant effort of Senator Wendy Davis and a powerful filibuster, the bill was stalled giving a win to Women’s’ Rights.

Today, Texas governor, Rick Perry, has called a special session to reconvene to vote the bill into law.  The conservatives, including Gov. Perry, have spent the last week casting stones at Senator Davis attempting to cast her in such a negative light that she would be discredited.  It seems that these so-called Christian men have forgotten the teachings of which they are so fond of quoting.

This week, Ohio Governor John Kasich, signed a budget bill into law that included massive restrictions of funds on Women’s Health Clinics.  Funding to Planned Parenthood was cut. Funding to any Rape Crisis Center that even said the word abortion to a rape victim was cut. And get this, if a woman does receive an abortion from a health clinic and suffers complications, she cannot be transferred to a public hospital but must find a private hospital.  Otherwise, she is left to die.  Pro-Life?  Hardly, let’s call it what it is – Anti-Life!

Here’s another one for you.  Last week, North Carolina passed a health education bill that requires middle schoolers to be taught in sex education classes that abortions are the “cause” of future pre-term births.  Remember that there is no medical evidence proving this little “fact.”

These are just three examples of an out of control GOP and conservative base that is dead set to put women in their place.  The issue of abortion has become a false flag to hide the ultimate agenda of an old patriarchal, man controlled group that will not stop until women are out of the workplace and back home, pregnant and barefoot, and under a man’s control.

I am not even sure that these men understand the science of reproduction.  It takes a man’s sperm to impregnate a woman’s egg.  If there is no sperm, there is no fertilization.  I wonder if male masturbation and disposing of sperm could be considered illegal.  They are killing sperm that could create life, right?  And what about spermicides and condoms.  Just thinking about all of those poor sperm cells not reaching their potential in life should be enough to cause the same conservative groups that cry pro-life to pass bills requiring the storage of any unused sperm.  Failure to do so would be illegal.

But, again, it’s not about life.  It’s about oppression of a gender.  These groups are so intent in preventing a woman to have choices that they are forgetting all of the times that they told their wives, mistresses, and girlfriends not to worry about getting pregnant.  Remember, that only happens to sluts.

What I wonder is how many of these zealots have coerced women into having sex and forced them to have abortions.  Perhaps, this is why they are so adamant.  It is usually the guiltiest that cry the loudest.

These new so called Pro-Life laws have nothing to do with life, but everything to do with preventing choice.  And pity the woman whose life is in danger from a pregnancy – let her die.

Pro-Life?  No, it’s Anti-Life!


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