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Freedom of Religion and Women’s Health?

Freedom of Religion and Women’s Health

Should Freedom of Religion also include Women’s Health Issues?  Evidently, Freedom of Religion has everything to do with Women’s Health, at least, according to the newest bill up for vote in North Carolina.

Today, the Atlanta Wire broke a story about North Carolina’s House Bill 365  in which the state’s Anti-Sharia Law bill now includes Anti-Abortion laws.  Why?  Well, apparently, not only are the state’s women being “corrupted” by Muslin law, but women cannot make decisions concerning their own health either.

According to the Atlanta Wire story, the bill introduced late Tuesday is not being called the “Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act of 2013.”  Please, someone tell me how does disavowing and violating the First Amendment have to do with family, faith, or freedom protection.  It seems to me that this bill directly violates the protection of freedom and faith in that it prohibits one religion from exercising its religion.

I fully understand how many find Sharia Law abhorrent in our country, but quite frankly, many find the exercise of fundamentalism Christian Law just as abhorrent.  How many American citizens would agree that snake handling  is a part of Christian practices that prove one’s faith?  And yet, there are no bans on that practice.  How about “spare the rod, spoil the child?”  How many Americans today find it proper to whip a child with a belt or any object?  No, that practice is considered child abuse by most.  And yet, while there are laws against child laws, there are currently no states that specifically ban the act of spanking.

I am assuming, just for argument’s sake, that the “Family” part of the bill has to do with the anti-abortion issue.  Please, stop mistaking the abortion issue for women’s health.  Defunding Planned Parenthood has nothing to with “family.”  It has to do with control over women and their health.  Planned Parenthood provides valuable health services to women that otherwise could not afford such.  Women utilize their services on a regular basis– and guess what!  Not for abortions!  No, for gynecological checkups, birth control, and mammograms.

What this boils down to is not about preventing abortions at all.  If a woman gets pregnant and does not want to keep the pregnancy, she and her male partner will find a way.  No, once again, it is about one group of men that intend to maintain control over and keep women in oppression and servitude.  And yet, that same group of men promote medication for men to aid them in having sex, called erectile dysfunction.  How many advertisements for Cialis and Viagra are viewed daily?  What a mixed message this sends.  Women, you have to have sex, but if you get pregnant, well, sucks to be you!

What is so abhorrent about this issue is that the very women who rely on Planned Parenthood for their well-being are the very women at the greatest risk of unwanted pregnancies and are the very women who are at risk of losing the financial aid needed to care for the children that are unwanted.  You can bet that those wonderful men that impregnated that woman will be long gone!  So often, these children wind up in the foster care system and are the forgotten lives about which no government cares once they are born.  Or they are raised by a woman struggling to find work because she has a child and cannot make ends meet, let alone pay rent and buy food.  Resentment builds, and there you go!  But, boy did this so-called Pro-Lifers care before they were born!  Whose life are you for anyway, and where are you when that child and mother need help?

Every time a state institutes control over religions that are not Christian and include women’s health issues in budget bills, anti-religion bills, and other dissimilar bills, civil rights are violated.  Human rights are violated.

The conservatives cry about our personal freedoms being stripped, yet they are intent on stripping away very personal freedoms.  Remember, if you fail to speak up about even the smallest of personal freedoms being stripped away, you are guilty yourself, and you risk even greater freedoms being taken away until one day there are none.

Freedom of Religion, Women’s Health, State Budgets?  None are related if rights are gone!


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