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Return to the Good Ole Days

Wow, those so-called pro-lifers have sure been busy this month.  What amazes me is that we have been doing just fine for the past 40 years of Roe v. Wade.  To be sure, there have been times that those pesky anti-choicers have raised their ugly heads and tried to infringe on women’s rights, but the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade has always stood for freedom and liberty for women and their choices over their bodies.  That is until the past few years when something called the Tea Party began their crusade to take away liberties while they cried loudly about Constitutional Rights and our Founding Fathers.

This morning, as I sit at a Starbucks watching people come in and out purchasing their Café Mochas with double and triple shots, I wonder why, in this country where we have fought for civil rights and civil liberties, a very loud minority political party would take away liberties for some, yet scream that our country is falling away from the Constitution and everything it represents.  And why is abortion their flag and not creating jobs for the millions of American citizens without work or working at jobs without a livable wage?  Control of women!

I remember, as a girl, the Women’s Liberation movement with Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem at the forefront as a continuation of the women’s suffragette movement.  Women have fought for their rights in this country since the early 1900s when they fought for the right to vote.  It has been a long and hard fight with small victories here and there.  Roe v. Wade was a major victory that shook those good ole boys right to the core.  And until our country voted in a Progressive Democrat African American President, there did not seem to be a clear avenue to put those pesky feminists back in their places and show us who is boss.  Enter the Tea Party!

Here we go!  And we will use our little women to promote our cause because they know their place – under the thumbs and oppression of the patriarchal oppressive religious conservative right men.  They will do exactly as we say because they know who butters their bread.  So, the Sarah Palins and Michelle Bachmans became the poster girls for a movement that intended to end feminism and the very rights for which our founding mothers fought so hard.  And these women have become the face of the Tea Party.  Why not use the very gender that needs to be controlled?  Make perfect sense actually.

Abortion is not really the cause – abortion is just a smoke screen because it speaks to strong emotions.  Just the thing to tug at the hearts and minds of the uneducated and ignorant masses.  Women who are entrenched in the old ways of thinking straight from the Bible and fundamentalist religious views believe that men should the heads of the house and women are to submit to their husbands.  Therefore, they are quick to point out what us women who are strong and independent and desire to be treated with respect and equality are the devil’s own tools that will destroy our country.  Abortion is the banner that is proof of our evil ways.  And it’s working!

Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina are the most recent states to create anti-abortion bills, and yet what these states are really doing is taking away rights of women to receive quality healthcare and keep women under the rule of the very men that see women as merely objects of their own desires.  What strikes me is that the men that donate their sperm to fertilize the eggs are not held accountable at all.  Oh, wait!  According to the ultra-conservative religious Tea Partiers, it is always the woman’s fault.  Really?

I remember those dates when the boys would try to “go all the way” by saying, “If you really loved me, you would.”  How girls are tricked by this one?  It is not the guy that can get pregnant – it is the woman.  How many boys and men coerce the girls and women into having unprotected sex?  “Don’t worry.  No one gets pregnant the first time.”  Really?  And let’s not even consider date rape and incest!

As a woman, myself, who experienced the wrath of a boy refused, I fully understand this experience.  Telling this boy no resulted in a very painful date rape in the back seat of his car.  When he unceremoniously dropped me off and I told my grandmother what had happened, the visit to the local hospital to address the injury resulted in a cover up.  You see, his father was the Sheriff in town and a fine upstanding deacon of the First Southern Baptist Church.  Of course, it was my fault for “teasing” the poor boy.  I’m just grateful that it did not end in pregnancy.  I was lucky.  Not too many girls are.  If the Tea Party has its way, we will be back in the days when girls were sent to those “Wayward Girls” homes to have their babies under shame and guilt.

I propose that, if the Tea Party really cared about constitutional rights, they would make sure that the phrase, “We the People,” was the mantra of truth instead of the mantra of sound bites.  What is occurring now under the flag of Pro-Life is a gross violation of the Constitution.  I cringe when I hear them say that they wish to return our country to what the Founding Fathers governed.  Excuse me, but in those early days, the majority of the founding fathers were slave owners, and women had no rights at all under the thumb of those fine upstanding male church leaders.

So the next time, you hear Pro-Life and a return to the Constitution, keep that in mind.  Because that surely is the exact desire of the Tea Partiers, Right Wing Conservatives.  Return our country to a time of slavery and no rights for women.  Really – is that what you want?


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