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Strong Women Need Not Apply

Here we go again!

The Texas Legislature just keeps pounding on Women’s Rights.  This time a Democrat has entered the Anti-Woman Legislature fever.  It’s not just Conservative GOP members any more.

Texas Senator Eddie Lucio has introduced SB42.  Essentially, it mandates that if a woman intends to have an abortion, she must go through what is called a Pre-Abortion Adoption Course.  What is so repulsive about this bill is that there is no difference in reasons.  In other words, a woman who is pregnant from rape and wishes to abort the baby must take this course.  How many times must a rape victim be raped?

What is not clear about this bill is the length of time it takes to receive the course.  Remember, just a few weeks ago, Senator Wendy Davis fought hard against the now passed abortion bill that limits most abortions past 20 weeks.  At this time, SB42 was introduced at the end of the second special session called by Gov. Rick Perry, so Lucio’s bill will be considered in an already promised special third session.  Bureaucracy being what it is – what happens if the paperwork goes past 20 weeks?  Oh, well.  Does the blame once again fall on the woman?  Where is the man in all of this?

In researching this particular bill, I could find nothing that spells out the semantics of the language other than Texas Health and Human Services will be required to formulate a 3-hour course on adoption services available.  Nothing is spelled out concerning if all abortions are required or if there are any exemptions.

In Texas, the Child Welfare Services, which falls under the umbrella of Health and Human Services and would handle these adoptions, is already beyond available manpower and cannot keep Social Workers.  Children are falling through the cracks at an alarming rate.  My question is this.  If you already cannot handle your caseloads, how can you handle any more?  There is no guarantee of money from the State to help.  And this helps how?

Again, it is not about pro-life.  Now, the war on Women’s Rights is becoming Anti-Woman.  As long as women remain silent and allow these men to continue to pass legislature that keeps women “in their place,” we will continue to lose the rights gained by our foremothers – Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cody Stanton and the brave women and men who fought so hard together to win women’s suffragette (link).

You may think this is an overreaction, but little by little our rights are being whittled away as we sit by and allow these bills to go.

What is so humorous to me is the fact that Gov. Rick Perry called the filibuster and protest of women a “Mob Convention.”  This is the exact wording of a women’s meeting at the 1853 World Fair in New York City at the Broadway Tabernacle.  I quote, “It will go down in history as ‘The Mob Convention,’ marred by ‘hissing, yelling, stamping, and all manner of unseemly interruptions.’”   Remember the tampon issue?

I’m just one voice here in California.  I was born and raised in Texas, and am shocked and appalled at how women are denigrated in my home state – that is, unless they take on the role of the Stepford Wife.  It seems in Texas that strong women need not apply.


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