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We the People

This week is about unemployment – something in which I have some experience.  I am not unemployed, but I am self-employed, or rather, an independent contractor, and have been for years.  My husband, however, has been unemployed since 2007 and has never found a job since.  Oh, he’s tried and he has had interviews, but you see, age discrimination is alive and well in our country.  He is 60 years old, and according to society has no value in the work place.

He was greatly respected in his field at one time, and was in demand because of his knowledge and expertise, but when he lost his job some seven years ago, his performance had not been up to par nor did it meet expectations.  Understand that this was not due to a lack of work ethic or experience, but because he was going through some unknown medical issue that was being tested.  He took leave, but returned to work before his physician cleared him for fear of losing his job.  One month later, just as the long awaited referrals to specialists were finally coming in, he had his first negative job evaluation and was fired for low performance.  In one fell swoop, we lost a substantial income and our insurance coverage.

I am not writing this concerning health care – that is another blog in and of itself.  I am addressing what follows – a Facebook meme that is going around:

Sanders on unemployment

  Republicans Again Block Help for Long-Term Unemployed:

A bill to revive benefits for the long-term unemployed was

blocked on Thursday by Senate Republicans. The proposed

three-month extension of the jobless-aid program, which

expired Dec. 28, was supported by Sen. Bernie Sanders and

all of the other members of the Democratic caucus. Only four

Republican senators supported the measure. One more vote

would have provided the 60 needed under Senate rules to

advance the bill. Since Christmas, unemployment benefits

have now expired for 1.6 million Americans out of work for

longer than 26 weeks. Unless Congress acts, the same fate

awaits another 1.6 million people nationwide during the

first half of 2014.


This announcement came from Senator Bernie Sanders’ office.  What astounds me is that these people can make such decisions that affect and devastate American lives while they enjoy the luxury of quality lives.  My husband’s unemployment ended many years ago, and I have been the breadwinner.  Because of the nature of my career, my body will not allow me to work at what my training brings, and I was forced to close my massage practice.  Now, I work as an independent contractor for a well-being center that services people with emotional and mental disabilities, but that is only two days a week.

My family went from a six figure income to just above poverty level.  Oh, we get by very well because we had and continue to have very little debt, but it has been devastating.  What is so outrageous to me is that women are bearing the brunt of this tragedy in our country.  We fight to keep our rights for equal pay and equal treatment.  We fight to keep medical care at clinics like Planned Parenthood.  While the conservatives in Washington and throughout our nation continue to defund clinics such as these in the name of pro-life, what is happening is that they are exhibiting anti-life by denying aid and assistance to those that most desperately need it.

I write this blog this week as a call out and challenge to all of you who are reading this.  Make your voice known and heard.  Remember what our country was built upon. Remember the opening words of the Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a

more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic

Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote

the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty

to ourselves and our Posterity. . .


“Domestic tranquility, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity . . . ”  I don’t know about you, but I do not believe that denying aid and assistance to people in need is upholding our constitution.  I do believe in self-responsibility and accountability, but when the actions of those that we elected hinder our own people from the opportunity to enjoy life, then it is time to call out those men and women to do what is right – not what will win the next election.  It is after all – We the People!


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One thought on “We the People

  1. THANKS FOR YOUR ARTICLE!!!!! I am 64 and retired at 62 after losing my job or sort of forced out! my career was in film and video production. My last job was working with the state in unemployment in Texas. A very stifling and micro management job and controlling environment as I was told to not show emotion with the people I spoke to. Anyway I retired because I could and I was so stressed out and my blood pressure was sky high. I was hired for a part time job at Goodwill and took a job in their retail store and they wanted me to work three hours a day five days a week and drive 80 mile round trip a day. In this economy I could not afford to pay the gasoline bill at $8.00 an hour. I asked to go to work in a store closer to me and my counselor told me that I could not do that as I had to show my worth ability and what I could do in the workforce before I could be transferred. I figured out I would be spending all of my money on gasoline. the counselor told me I had to narrow my resume to not include my experience in Hollywood in television and to narrow my education to get a job. My experience in my life with my education and life skills and working skills did not matter and I should not have done so much. I called the store manager and she frankly said no you can not work only two days a week and part time. She told me I was not hirable material and could never work for any Goodwill again. Then I tried to get a part time job in the caregiver field. One person hired me and he knew my lack of experience in house cleaning. I had caregiver experience in my 20s and in the 90s. he called me for a job in housecleaning. the lady was rude to me and did not like me. her house was already immaculate. I was fired. So at 62 in Texas. I said forget about it. I moved here in 2003 from Cali like so many people have done this past decade. I moved the coastal bend to a RV, downsized 120 degree angle and I am by the ocean. I miss the house or duplex living. It is what it is. Then I turn on the TV and read the news on the computer and hear about John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Rand Paul, Eric Cantor wanting to cut out my social security. I have to wait for Medicare now because Perry did not approve Medicaid expansion. So I am 64 now and will apply in the summer. in the meantime I have one of those clinics that are 40 miles away that I can visit every 6 months to fill my Blood Pressure med. Guess I feel grateful about that. the student nurse practitioner told me I could not get a thyroid test on a whim and she knew I did not have diabetes so she would not order the test and to wait to get my blood work until right before my next appointment in April 2014. That day was in November. I did drive next door and get my blood work and it was like she said: they did not send me the results for my blood work. sad. lucky for me my first degree was in nursing. Carry on sister.
    Yours Truly Vicki Trusselli

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