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It’s Against My Religion

It seems that the Conservative Right is bent on discrimination against anyone they deem as unacceptable.  The war on women and reproductive rights is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now discrimination is extended even further.

This is the headline – Breaking: AZ Lawmakers Send Religious License to Discriminate against Gays Bill to Gov.

This is my first thought – Are you kidding me?

I really thought it was a satire post possibly writing in The Onion, and there is no way this is true.  But, it is true.  What a throwback to the old Southern Jim Crow laws that made it legal to discriminate against African Americans!  Frankly, I am appalled that people my country would pass such legislature that is discriminatory and humiliating.  All in the same few weeks in which Russia was castigated in the way the LGBT community is treated there.

In essence, this bill gives the right to refuse service to anyone just by claiming that to do so violates their religious beliefs.  This is going too far.  While the bill was sponsored by Republican House conservatives, it is important to note that the sponsors are directly tied to the basis comes from the Christian Center for Arizona Policy based on the right to exercise freedom of religion.  What does this say to me?

It’s really quite simple.  Only those that are seen as acceptable by the Christian Conservatives have religious rights and have rights to be served.  I am not Christian – I was, but left the faith a long time ago because of this very action.  So, does this mean that if I have a business in Arizona, I have the right to refuse service to Christians because it is against my Buddhism religion?  Actually, it is not, because Buddhism is all inclusive and we are taught that all of life is connected; however, hypothetically, according to this new bill, I would now have that right.

In the debate over the bill, this very point was part of the discussion.  According to an article written by David Badash in The New Civil Rights Movement website, “SB 1062/HB 2153 provides a foothold into Arizona of both Sharia law, and, yes, even Satanism. Believe it or not, “the Devil made me do it,” should Gov. Brewer sign it, will become the law of the land in the Grand Canyon state.”  So the Arizona legislature may have just cut off their noses to spite their faces.

Good luck, Arizona.  For a state that that is attempting to attract the Super Bowl, you really know how to make people feel welcome!

Resource article:

Badash, D.  (2014, Feb. 20).  Breaking: AZ Lawmakers Send Religious License to Discriminate Against Gays Bill to Gov. The New Civil Rights Movement.  Retrieved from

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2 thoughts on “It’s Against My Religion

  1. The Bill is also unChristian. Christians may refuse to serve gay people, but Jesus spent his time with “tax collectors and sinners”. There is nowhere any instruction to refuse to associate with any sinners, and this calls gay people worse than murderers.

    • I completely agree with you on that. One of the saddest aspects is that once again, a group of people are seen as sinful. Historically, this has happened countless times to races of people. This bible that they are so quick to quote also says that God is no respecter of persons. Judge not lest ye be judged. On and on. Regardless of the religious arguments, this type of Bill is unconstitutional. If Brewer signs it, it will wind up in the Supreme Court. It is obvious these legislators have no concept of the document and holy book that they so readily claim to follow.

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