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I received this email in my inbox and just sat at my computer shaking my head.  Well, at first, after the initial outrage at the hypocrisy, I sat shaking my head.  Read it for yourself:

What I find so outrageous about this is that, according to the article, the lawsuit Mr. Tillerson joined cites the harmful effects of hydrofracking.  It is his job to promote fracking as a way of reaching oil and gas deposits to continue to make those big profits meeting the demands of consumers and Exxon shareholders.

The lawsuit is designed to block the construction of a 160-foot water tower and cites, specifically, the harmful effects of hydrofracking.  When his own Texas property is threatened, suddenly it is a bad idea?  Of course, his attorney is quick to point out that Mr. Tillerson is not concerned about fracking, merely the devaluation of his own property values.  In his professional life, Mr. Tillerson has blasted those that are opposing fracking, but this speaks volumes about his personal knowledge and the potential damage to the environment.  Even Mr. Tillerson does not want fracking in his own backyard.


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